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European Union Research Guide

This guide provides information on the European Union and how to navigate among EU documents.

How to Find Case Law

The Official Reporter

The official reporter for the European Court of Justice is the European Court Reports [ECR] (otherwise known as Reports of Cases Before the Court of Justice and the Court of First InstanceINTL KJE924.5 .C68. It is not uncommon for there to be a lag of 2 or 3 years between issues, thus we have up through 2012 in our collection. You can also access the ECR via Hein Online, though the lag there goes back to 2012 as well. Also note that there is an off-shoot of the ECR that focuses solely on community staff cases INTL KJE924.5 .E97.

Other Places to Find Full Text Opinions

  • Common Market Law Reports Selective cases published in each issue. INTL KJE925.5 .C85
  • European Commercial Cases Selected decisions focused on commercial law. INTL KJE2044.6 .E8
  • European Community Cases (CEC) Selected Court of Justice decisions, Court of First Instance and Commission decisions from 1989. See "Topical Index" in current volume for citation of opinion. INTL KJE 6791.C51
    Search for cases by name or case number using the "Index" tab
  • European Union Law Reporter Cases for European Court of Justice and national courts. INTL KJE 6791.C5
    You can search for cases by name under the "Finding Lists" tab
  • Lexis [Legal > Global Legal > European Union > Case Law]
  • Westlaw [EU-CS-ALL database] English version of ECJ cases from 1954 and Court of First Instance from 1989. Some commercial reporters as well (Common Market Law Reports, European Commercial Cases, for example).
  • Court of Justice of the European Union