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European Union Research Guide

This guide provides information on the European Union and how to navigate among EU documents.

How to Find Directives

The strategies discussed below can also be used to find regulations, decisions and other legal acts.

Adopted Directives

  • EUR-Lex
  • Lexis or Westlaw
  • Press Corner for activities of the EU as presented by the various institutions in their press releases. Searchable by daily news, recent press releases, and policy areas quick search.
  • EU Newsroom
  • Summaries of EU Legislation offers about 3000 summaries of various pieces of EU legislation. These summaries are divided into 32 categories that represent the activities of the EU.

Proposed Directives

Proposals for directives are either identified by topic, or if amending an existing directive, by that directive number.

  • Legislative Procedures - Follows legislation through the various stages of the process, as it bounces from one institution to another. This should follow all Commission proposals, along with their transmissions to the Council of the EU or the European Parliament.
  • Press Corner
  • EU Newsroom