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Ebola Research Guide

This Research Guide was created to serve as a starting point for researching the Ebola outbreak.This guide will highlight the U.S. Government response to Ebola in Presidential Statements, Congressional Hearings and federal agency statements.


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International Health Organizations

The World Health Organization is charged with the coordination and monitoring of disease outbreaks across the globe. International Health Regulations, IHR(2005) (entered into force in June, 2007), deal with the public health response framework and public health emergencies.

Global Alert and Response is the framework of best practices, disease list, and core functions of the alert and response system.

European Commission's Ebola website shows that they are closely monitoring the situation and working to prevent the spread of the disease.

Similarly in Latin American countries, the Pan American Health Organizations offers an Ebola resource page.

The United Nations have created a site on the Global Ebola Response and the U.N. Mission for Ebola Emergency Response was recently set up to respond to the spread of the disease.

The Global Response Coalition is a joint effort of international agencies, such as the United Nations, World Health Organizations, International Red Cross, World Bank and more.