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District of Columbia Voting Rights: A Research Guide

This guide will help users find current D.C. voting rights legislation, as well as related congressional documents, law review articles, and news coverage.


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Selected Historical Documents

Voting rights for residents of the District of Columbia have been discussed throughout the history of the United States. Here are just a few historical documents available through ProQuest Congressional (formerly Lexis Nexis Congressional) .

  • Representaion of the District of Columbia in the Congress, Hearings bef. the Judiciary Comm., 94th Congress, June 17, 23, Sept. 3, 1975
  • Voting Representation in Congress for the District of Columbia, Hearings bef. Judiciary Comm. , 92nd Congress, July 19-22, 1971
  • Representation of DC in Congress, Hearings bef. District of Columbia Comm., 64th Congress, Feb. 24, 29, Mar. 2, 1916
  • Resolutions Proposing Amendment of Constitution to Confer Representation to District of Columbia in Two Houses of Congress and in Electoral College, S. Misc. Doc. 51-237 (1890)