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District of Columbia Voting Rights: A Research Guide

This guide will help users find current D.C. voting rights legislation, as well as related congressional documents, law review articles, and news coverage.


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Law Review Articles

Numerous law review articles have been written on all sides of the voting rights debate. Here are some recent articles. To conduct a more thorough search of the journal literature, see our guide "Articles for Legal and Non-Legal Research."

  • "A Shared Sovereignty Solution to the Conundrum of District of Columbia Congressional Representation," James L.Craig Jr., Howard Law Journal, v.57 (Fall 2013) p.235.
  • "The District of Columbia v. The 50 States: A 21st Century Lawsuit to Remedy an 18th Century Injustice," Timothy Cooper, University of District of Columbia Law Review, v. 14 (Spring 2011) p.287.
  • "Historical Considerations and Congressional Representation for the District of Columbia: Constitutionality of the D.C. House Voting Rights Bill in Light of Section Two of the Fourteenth Amendment and the History of the Creation of the District," Mark S. Scarberry, vol. 60, no. 4, Alabama Law Review (Summer 2009) p.783.
  • "No Right Is More Precious in a Free Country": Allowing Americans in the District of Columbia to Participate in National Self-Government, Hatch, Orrin G., Harvard Journal on Legislation, v. 45 no. 2 (Summer 2008) p. 287.
  • Too Clever By Half: The Unconstitutionality of Partial Representation of the District of Columbia in Congress, Jonathan Turley, George Washington Law Review, v. 76 (February 2008) p. 305.
  • A Capital Idea: Legislation To Give The District Of Columbia A Vote In The House Of Representatives, Arjun Garg, Columbia Journal of Law and Social Problems, v. 41, (Fall 2007) p. 1.
  • Is There a Constitutional Right to Vote and Be Represented? The Case of the District of Columbia: SymposiumThe American University Law Review v. 48 no. 3 (February 1999) p. 589.
  • The Constitutional Importance of the District of Columbia: Introduction, Raskin, Jamin B., The American University Law Review v. 48 no. 3 (February 1999) p. 591.