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Bloomberg, Lexis, and Westlaw Tutorials

Resources for the top commercial legal databases

Bloomberg Law

Once you've signed on to Bloomberg Law, you can access their tutorial videos in the Bloomberg Law Help Center.

Once in the Help Center, navigate to Videos using the left hand column. The most useful videos for beginning users can be found in the Getting Started Videos, Court Opinions and Legislative tabs.

Sample Lessons on Bloomberg Law 

  • What can I search on Bloomberg Law?
  • How Do I Select Sources?
  • How Can I Retrieve an Opinion with Citation or Name?
  • How Do I Search the U.S. Code?

Running time: 2:50 minutes

Created/updated: July 2022
Last reviewed: January 2023


To access all of the Lexis Tutorials and other training content, you will not have to enter your Lexis password.

Examples of Lexis Tutorials

  • Getting Started with Lexis
  • Overview of the Shepard's Citation Services
  • Working with Search Results
  • Searching
  • Using Lexis Alerts


To access Westlaw tutorials and other training content, you may have to register with your Westlaw password and e-mail address.

Sample Lessons on Westlaw

  • What's New on Westlaw
  • Getting Started on Westlaw
  • Finding Documents by Title or Citation
  • Find and Print
  • Searching with Terms and Connectors
  • Searching with Natural Language
  • Searching with KeySearch

In addition, Westlaw's User Guides are available online as well. These guides provide detailed instructions on General Research Topics, as well as Advanced Legal Research, TWEN, and specific Practice Areas.

Running time: 1:30 minutes

Created/updated: April 2019
Last reviewed: June 2022