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Bioethics Research Guide

This guide highlights legal and non-legal resources for research on bioethics topics.


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Finding Legislation & Cases

Constitutional Provisions

The most relevant constitutional provisions are the equal protection and due process provisions of the Fourteenth Amendment. You can find the text of the Fourteenth Amendment in any version of the United States Code, official or annotated, online or electronic.

Statutes and Legislative History

You can retrieve federal or state code sections easily if you have the citation of them from a secondary source or from a case. You can always search the code databases to find the sections, but there is a genetics-specific legislative database that you should know of:

  • Legislative Database (
    This searchable database includes both federal and state laws, regulations, and policies related to genetics (stem cell research, cloning, employment/insurance discrimination, etc.)

For federal legislative history, please refer to our Legislative History research guide. For state legislative history, please refer to our State Guides.


One way to obtain cases on a topic is to find relevant journal articles or books which usually cite leading cases. From there, you can Keycite (on Westlaw) or Shepardize (on Lexis) the cases to find other relevant cases and journal articles. ETHXweb which indexes leading bioethics cases is another good resource.

International Laws and Constitutions