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Antitrust Law Research Guide

This treatise finder points researchers to the preeminent treatises and study aids on antitrust and trade law in print and electronic formats.


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Primary Law Resources

Case Law

  • Federal Antitrust & Trade Regulation - Federal Cases
    Cases from all federal courts "that relate to the promotion of competition, the prevention of monopoly, and the regulation of domestic trade and commerce. Coverage begins with 1789." (From Westlaw database description.)
  • Trade Cases KF1605.A2 C6 (1932 - 2006)
    "Texts of decisions rendered by Federal and State courts throughout the United States in cases involving antitrust, Federal Trade Commission, and other trade regulation law problems, with table of cases and topical indexes."



There are three principal statutes dealing with antitrust laws at the federal level. They are the Sherman Antitrust Act, the Clayton Act, and the Federal Trade Commission Act. All three have been codified in Title 15 of the United States Code.

For information about versions of the U.S. Code and conducting statutory research generally, please see our Statutes Research Guide.


While most of U.S. antitrust law is federal, there are significant elements covered by state law. Researchers should consult the statutory codes of individual jurisdictions. Please see our state law research guides for the sources and organization of state law.


Federal administrative regulations concerning antitrust laws can be found in several titles of the Code of Federal Regulations. While many of these regulations appear in Title 15: Commerce and Foreign Trade, a comprehensive review of antitrust rules requires consulting multiple titles.

For information on the Code of Federal Regulations and administrative law research generally, please see our Administrative Law Research Guide.