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Administrative Law Research Guide

This guide outlines the federal administrative process and materials.


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Using Citators for Administrative Materials

A. Code of Federal Regulations

Citator services (KeyCite on Westlaw or Shepard's on Lexis) will provide references to cases, administrative decisions, and secondary sources that cite to your C.F.R. section.  

KeyCite’s red flag will alert you if a regulation has been amended by a final or adopted rule, repealed, superseded, or held unconstitutional or preempted in whole or in part. KeyCite’s yellow flag will alert you if a proposed rule is available, a court decision has questioned the regulation’s validity, or a prior version has received negative treatment from a court. Shepard’s does not indicate if there is a recent rule amending a regulation or proposed rule that will amend a regulation.

B. Administrative Decisions

Citator services (KeyCite on Westlaw or Shepard's on Lexis) will provide reports for some federal administrative decisions. However, not all federal administrative decisions have comprehensive reports or reports at all. Supplement reports from citator services by searching for references to administrative decisions in administrative materials and case law.