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Preparing for class on September 1

You have a library class on September 1, 2017 at 10:00am for statutory research (McDonough 141). This class is mandatory and will run for two hours. To prepare, please watch the statutory video lectures below.  You will need to bring a laptop to class.

The videos on secondary sources and the basics of boolean (terms and connectors) searching would be helpful, but are not required.

Watch These Videos Before Class

Statutory Law Research Lectures:

The following tutorials will prepare you for your class on learning how to research statutory law.

Running time: 3:01

Running time: 4:50

Running time: 4:28

Running time: 2:56

Optional Video Lectures: Introduction to Secondary Sources and Advanced Searching

Secondary Source Lectures:

The following lectures will prepare you to use secondary sources, which are frequently key to successful legal research.

Running time: 3:23

Running time: 3:23

Running time: 4:12

Advanced Terms and Connectors (Boolean) Searching:

This video lecture will prepare you for starting to use the advanced technique of Boolean searching.

Running time: 3:31

Video controls and playback

Viewing on an iOS device? Please use Safari. Not all videos are playable in Chrome or Firefox for iOS.

When you begin a video and hover your cursor over the video window, you are offered several options:

  1. Closed captioning
  2. Search (searches the captions, can take you directly to the point in the video where a specific word is mentioned)
  3. Playback speed (faster or slower)
  4. Full screen mode