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Welcome to Research for Legal Practice. The librarian assigned to your section for the Fall 2017 semester is Andy Lang. Here you'll find links to videos and tutorials assigned by your Legal Practice professor and additional help for your research questions. Some of the library-led research classes for your sections will be held in Professor Wherry's classroom during regularly scheduled class times, others will be conducted as standalone sections. Please consult your syllabus for more information.

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Calendar Overview

Classes for the Fall 2017 semester of Professor Wherry's Legal Practice course are listed below. Please refer to your syllabus for more information.

  • Statutory Research
    • August 31, 2:25-3:20 (combined section)
    • Wherry classroom
  • Case Law Research 
    • Outside of Wherry class
    • ​September 6, 11:10-12:05 (Section 23); 12:15-1:10 (Section 22)
    • McDonough 109
  • Legislative History & Administrative Law Research
    • September 12, 1:20-2:15, 2:25-3:20 (separate sections)
    • Wherry classroom
  • Advanced Tools & Techniques
    • Outside of Wherry class
    • ​September 21, 1:20-2:15 (Section 23); 2:25-3:20 (Section 22)
    • McDonough 141
  • Exam Review & Research Strategies
    • October 31, 1:20-1:45 (combined section)
    • In Wherry classroom

Your Librarian

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Andy Lang
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