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Gender and the Law Research Guide

This guide covers gender and the law, legal feminism and feminist jurisprudence.


This research guide was prepared to assist your research in gender and the law. It facilitates access to selected legal, governmental, public policy and international resources on aspects of gender and the law.

Gender and the law is a relatively modern area of legal research.Black's Law Dictionary (8th ed.) cites an article by Gary Minda in Postmodern Legal Movements, in which Minda attributed the first published use of the phrase "feminist jurisprudence" to Professor Ann Scales in 1978. Despite this recency, however, there has been significant growth in scholarly research on this aspect of law and there is a wealth of resources in a variety of formats. In addition to print sources, the library also facilitates access to electronic databases, journals, newsletters and blogs. The following search terms or phrases are useful when searching the library catalog or databases and other online sources:

  • feminism and the law
  • feminist jurisprudence
  • feminist legal theory
  • gender and justice
  • gender and law
  • legal feminism(s)