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District of Columbia Voting Rights: A Research Guide

This guide will help users find current D.C. voting rights legislation, as well as related congressional documents, law review articles, and news coverage.


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A voting representative in Congress for the District of Columbia has been proposed and debated throughout the course of this country's history. This Congressional Research Service has issued several reports providing an overview and analysis of the numerous legislative proposals for D.C. voting rights inlcuding the following, which are available on ProQuest Congressional:

Royce Crocker, Cong. Research Serv., RS22579, District of Columbia Representation: Effect on House Apportionment (March 31, 2011)

Eugene Boyd, Cong. Research Serv., IS40292, CRS Issue Statement on District of Columbia Representation and Oversight (Jan. 11, 2010)

Kenneth R. Thomas, Cong. Research Serv., RL33824, The Constitutionality of Awarding the Delegate for the District of Columbia a Vote in the House of Representatives or the Committee of the Whole (March 4, 2009)

Eugene Boyd, Cong. Research Serv., RL33830, District of Columbia Voting Representation in Congress: An Analysis of Legislative Proposals (Jan. 30, 2007)