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California Research In-Depth

This State Guide provides an in-depth look at sources of law within the state of California.

Bar Journals & Legal Newspapers

Georgetown University Law Library subscribes to the print versions of over 75 law reviews, bar journals, and other legal periodicals published in the state of California. For a detailed list, do the following subject search in the libraries catalog: Law -- Periodicals -- California.

For electronic access to California law reviews and journals check the following databases:

  • HeinOnline
  • Westlaw: CA-JLR - California Journals & Law Reviews
  • Lexis: Legal > Secondary Legal > Law Reviews & Journals > Law Reviews by Jurisdiction > California Law Reviews, Combined (CALRV)

A. Bar Journals

  • California Bar Journal
    • Print: K3 .A402 Micro (1994- )
    • Internet: California Bar Journal provides access to the past twelve issues of the journal and archived issues from 1996 through 2004. The official publication of the State Bar of California.
  • California Lawyer
    • Internet: Subscribers to the publication can access online content through the Daily Journalweb site, the publisher of California Lawyer.
  • California State Bar Journal
    • Print: K10 .O98 (1942-1971); [MEDIA 1st Floor, K3 .A332 Micro]; K3 .A332 (1972-1981). Publication continued by the California Lawyer.


B. Law Review Journals

  • West-Northwest Journal of Environmental Law & Policy. University of California, Hastings College of the Law publishes this regional environmental law journal covering California and the Pacific Northwest.
    • Print: K27 .E5 vol. 1, no. 1 (spring 1994)- .
    • Electronic: K8 .A885 . HeinOnline provides electronic access.
  • McGeorge Law Review (Pacific Law Journal). This publication by the University of the Pacific McGeorge School of Law frequently focuses on California legal matters. For example, the content of the California Water Rights Law Symposium recently held at the McGeorge School of Law will appear in vol. 36 nos. 1-2 of the McGeorge Law Review.
    • Print: K16 .A21 vol. 29, no. 1- .
    • Print: K16 .A2 vol. 1 (1970-1979) & [K16 .A2] (1980-1997)
    • Electronic: K16 .A21 HeinOnline provides electronic access.
    • Microform: INTL MEDIA K16 .M2 Micro vols. 1-29 (1970-1997)
  • Loyola of Los Angeles Law Review. Review the Contents of Issues section to locate topical articles on California law. For example, vol. 38 contains a proposal that elaborates on the effect of California's three-strikes law; vol. 37, no. 1 is a review of the Ninth Circuit Court.
    • Print: K12 .O897 vol. 13- (1979- ). Current in RESERVE
    • Print: K12 .O897 vols. 5-12 (1972-1979)
    • Electronic: K12 .O897 HeinOnline provides electronic access.
    • Microform: [MEDIA, 1st Floor, K12 .O897 Micro] vols. 1-34 (1968-2001)
  • Los Angeles Daily Journal (legal newspaper). Journal is indexed through Legaltrac (1980- ).
    • NEWSPAPER Micro (1980- 2006)
    • Internet: Subscribers to the publication can access online content through the Daily Journalweb site, the publisher of the Los Angeles Daily Journal.
  • The Recorder (San Francisco's daily legal newspaper)