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California Research In-Depth

This State Guide provides an in-depth look at sources of law within the state of California.

Practice Materials & Additional Secondary Sources

A. Treatises & Encyclopedias

  • B.E. Witkin. Summary of California Law, 10th edition. A 16-volume, highly regarded and frequently cited treatise containing detailed analysis of the law along with substantive, procedural and historical information.
    • Print: KFC80 .W5 2005 (updated through 2007.)
    • Westlaw: WITKIN This multibase provides access to the Summary of California Law, California Procedure, California Evidence, California Criminal Law, the Combined Tables of Contents, Combined Index, Combined Tables of Cases and the Combined Tables of Statutes, Constitutions, and Rules.
    • Lexis: Legal > States Legal - U.S. > California > Restatements & Jurisprudences > Witkin Treatises. Access is provided to the Witkin civil and criminal law treatises: Summary of California Law, Ninth Edition, (Witkin & Epstein) California Criminal Law, Second Edition, California Procedure, Third Edition, and California Evidence, Third Edition.
  • California Jurisprudence 3d. A multiple volume topical encyclopedia on California Law. Volumes are alphabetically arranged with an index and a table of parallel references that link the second and third editions.
  • Richard J. Denney, Jr., John C. Mueller, eds., California Environmental Law HandbookKFC610 .C34 1999. A general guide to the statutes, regulations, court decisions, agency plans and policies that make up California's environmental regulatory scheme.
  • Steven B. Eggleston & Bernadette M. O'Brien. Labor and Employment in California: A Guide to Employment Laws, Regulations, and PracticesKFC570 .E38 1997 (updated through 2006).
  • Scott S. Slater, California Water Law and Policy KFC790 .S63 1995 (updated through 2006) This 2-volume treatise provides citations to administrative decisions, references to unpublished opinions, and practice pointers relating to California water law.

B. Jury Instructions

The following jury instructions were prepared by the Standard Jury Instruction Committees of the Superior Court of Los Angeles California.

  • California Jury Instructions: Criminal (CALJIC). Jury instructions prepared by the Committee on Standard Jury Instructions, Criminal, Superior Court of Los Angeles, CA
    • Print: KFC1171.A65 C35 (Current edition)
    • Online
    • Westlaw: CA-CALJIC
    • Lexis: Legal > States Legal - U.S. > California > Jury Instructions & Verdicts > California Jury Instructions Criminal (CALJIC)
  • California Jury Instructions: Civil (BAJI).
    • Print: KFC1047.A65 S8 2002
    • Online
    • Westlaw: CA-BAJI
    • Lexis: Legal > States Legal - U.S. > California > Jury Instructions & Verdicts > California Jury Instructions Civil (BAJI)
  • California Jury Instructions: Misdemeanor (CALJIC).
    • Print: KFC1171.A65 S79 1971
    • Westlaw: CA-CALJIC
    • Lexis: Legal > States Legal - U.S. > California > Jury Instructions & Verdicts > California Jury Instructions Criminal (CALJIC)

C. Practice Manuals

  • California Practice. KFC80 .C32 A multiple volume set covering the following topics: probate court practice, family law, civil actions pleading, evidentiary objections, state and local taxation, discovery practice, defense in civil actions and tort law.
  • Continuing Education of the Bar publishes practice books for the California legal practitioner. Select a specific record from GULLIVER for call number and location information.

D. Style Manuals