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Once you receive your exam you cannot ask the librarians for research assistance related to the exam.


Rombauer Framework

The Rombauer Framework  is simply a way to organize and streamline your research.  It is important to have a method so that you can efficiently and effectively use your time as you prepare for your exam.  Your goal should be to spend more time reading and processing information, and writing.  

The framework consists of five parts**:

  1. Preliminary analysis
  2. Statutory authority
  3. Mandatory precedent
  4. Persuasive precedent
  5. Double-check and update


**Remember: Secondary Sources!!

Secondary sources are your friend!  Remember that a secondary source can:

  • Provide an overview or synopsis
  • Refer to pertinent primary law resources: statutes, regulations, case law, etc.
  • Relevant search terms that will enhance your research