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ECFS & EDOCS Search -

Overview of ECFS and EDOCS searching and the FCC website.


EDOCS is a searchable database of the FCC's Daily Digest. The Daily Digest is comprised of news releases, speeches, public notices, and any other documents that are released daily.


EDOCs Quick Search

 EDOCS Quick Search interface is simple.  You can search by:

  • DA or FCC number 
  • File or Report number
  • Docket number
  • Release date
  • Title/Description


  • For any number field, do not include the letter designation that precedes the number. However, the dash must be included. Example: 15-125
  • A Release Date search will return any document released on that day.  
  • The Title/Description field is not a search of the full-text; only the documents' titles and short descriptions are searched.

EDOCs Advanced Search

The Advanced Search interface provides a bit more flexibility in searching the Daily Digest.  

In addition to the document number fields provided in the Quick Search interface, a search can be filtered by:

  • Bureau
  • Document Type
  • Tags

The Advanced Search interface also allows for a citation search for the Federal Register, the FCC Record, and FCC 2nd.  

ExamplesVideos of each example are below.

Using Multiple Fields in One Search
It is possible to use multiple fields in one search.  See the short video below for a demonstration of this type of search. Note that when doing a date, title, or description search that FCC or DA documents can be selected, if necessary.

Advanced Search Techniques in Number Fields
Wildcard % - If a partial number is known it can be searched using the % sign to replace the unknown digit.  HOWEVER, the % can only be used to replace the digit at the beginning or the end of a number, NOT the middle digit.  Example: 14-%18 and 14-12% are valid;  14-1%8 would be an invalid search and not return any results.  See the video below.  **Also note that this wildcard technique cannot be used in the ECFS search interface.

Using the Filters to Narrow Search Results
The use of filters in the Advanced Search interface is limited to one filter per search; using more than one filter will not return results.

Multiple Fields Searching

Wildcard Searching

Using Filters to Refine Search