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Preparing for class on October 27th

You have a library class on October 27, 2017 at 10:00am (Section 30) and 11:00am (Section 31) for advanced techniques and exam prep (McDonough 141). This class is mandatory and will run for 55 minutes. To prepare, please watch the Strategies for Conducting Legal Research video, below.  If you have not already watched the Terms & Connectors and Secondary Sources videos for previous classes, please also watch those, below.  You will need to bring a laptop to class.

Update (10/26):  This class has been canceled.  
In lieu of an in-person class, the class notes and materials will be posted to this page.

Class Materials

I recommend approaching this as a self-guided class, in the following manner.

First, print out the two Handouts to refer to while you review the other materials.  Then, begin reviewing the PowerPoint slides.  (Be sure that the Notes pane is PowerPoint is visible and not hidden.)  For each slide, check out any written notes provided in the Notes pane that help explain that slide.  When you get to slide 25, you'll be directed to a brief Student Exercise.  Do the exercise, then check out slide 26 and the Suggested Answers.  (Page two of the Suggested Answers will also take you through a quick example of how you might begin this research project, and will introduce you to an ALR.)  Then, just finish up the last few slides, and you're done!

Feel free to do this with a friend or in a group!  And, of course, ask a librarian if you have questions!

Supplemental Materials

Strategies for Conducting Legal Research

Running time: 9:13

Terms and Connectors (Boolean) Searching

Running time: 3:31

Running time: 3:43

Secondary Sources

Running time: 3:23

Running time: 3:23

Running time: 4:12

Running time: 3:31

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