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Legislative History Resources Reference Chart

This chart provides details of the legislative process and all of the documents created during the process.


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Committee Reports (House, Senate, Conference)

ELECTRONIC web) From 104th Congress (1995) to present (free web) From 104th Congress (1995) to present
U.S. Serial Set (free web) Selected reports from 23rd to 64th Congresses (1833-1917)
ProQuest Congressional Select Advanced, Search in "Serial Set" for full-text from 1789 - present. Select the appropriate year and Congress.
Lexis Browse Sources > Committee Reports (From 101st Congress, 2d Session (1990) to present, although the coverage of the 101st and 102nd Congresses is only selective.)
Westlaw Proposed & Enacted Legislation > Tools: Legislative History
United States Congressional Serial Set House Reports and Senate Reports volumes, Williams KF29 .U5, from 97th Congress (1981) to present.
USCCAN (United States Code Congressional and Administrative News) Legislative History volumes, Williams KF48 .U54. Selected reports from 78th Congress, 2d Session (1944).
From the 1st Congress (1789-1969) Williams Media, Cabinets A1 through A4
(1970-2004) Williams Media, Cabinets B3 through B11
Congressional Serial Set Catalog(free web) Choose Advanced Search and click on Congressional Serial Set. Search Committee Reports from the 95th Congress (1977) to present.
ProQuest Congessional Search Committee Report listings from 1789 to present. First "Clear All", then choose "Serial Set" and "House and Senate Reports." Make sure to choose the correct year or Congress at the bottom of the page.
U.S. Congressional Serial Set: Numerical Lists of Documents and Reports (free web) 85th to 109th Congress (1957-2006)
CIS U.S. Serial Set Index Williams Media, Z1223.Z9 C65 (1789-1998)