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Video Lectures on Statutory Research

Statutory Law Research Lectures:

The following tutorials will prepare you for your class on learning how to research statutory law.

Running time: 3:01

Running time: 4:50

Running time: 4:28

Running time: 2:56

Video Lectures on Secondary Sources and Advanced Terms & Connectors Searching

Secondary Source Lectures:

The following lectures will prepare you to use secondary sources, which are frequently key to successful legal research.

Running time: 3:23

Running time: 3:23

Running time: 4:12

Advanced Terms and Connectors (Boolean) Searching:

This video lecture will prepare you for starting to use the advanced technique of Boolean searching.

Running time: 3:31

Research Class

A Statutory Research class will be held on Thursday, September 1 from 1:20 P.M. to 3:20 P.M. in Hotung 2000Before you come to class, please watch the video lectures on (1) statutory research; (2) secondary sources; and (3) advanced terms & connectors searching.

Research Presentation

Terms & Connectors

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