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United Nations Research Guide

This guide will suggest background resources and tips on navigating United Nations documents.

Courts and Tribunals


The International Court of Justice (or World Court) is the principle judicial organ of the United Nations. The ICJ Statute is an annex to the Charter of the United Nations.

  • ICJ official website
  • Reports of Judgments, Advisory Opinions and Orders. INTL KZ214 .I58 and on HeinOnline(Geogretown Only) published in both French (Geogretown Only) and English, 1947- 2003
  • Pleadings, Oral Arguments, DocumentsINTL KZ218 .P54 Motions, briefs, and oral arguments, 1947-.
  • Yearbook INTL KZ6273 .I58 and on HeinOnline Contains summaries of judgments, advisory opinions and orders of the Court, 1947-.
  • Digest of the Decisions of the International Court of Justice, 1976-1985. INTL KZ213 .D5 1990
  • Digest of the Decisions of the International CourtINTL KZ207 .H26
  • World Court Digest. The first volume covers 1976-1985. INTL KZ213 .W57
  • International Law Reports INTL KZ199 .I58 Republishes judgments with citations to the official ICJ set.
  • Full-text judgments are available on Westlaw (Georgetown Law Only) in the INT-ICJ database from 1947 to date.


From 1922 until 1946, the Permanent Court of International Justice functioned in tandem with the League of Nations. We have collections of documents from this court available in print and electronic formats though much it is is available on the PCIJ website.

Decisions and documents from other international courts (under the authority of the UN) are included at the following sites. See also the United Nations Documentation Research Guide on International Law for guidance on researching these tribunals. You may also wish to consult our War Crimes research guide for more detailed information on some of these courts.