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Statistics and Empirical Legal Studies Research Guide

This guide features all three iterations of Empirical Legal Studies: form, process, and function, and highlights statistical resources and websites.


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Data Sets & Statistics

Empirical Legal Studies uses data sets and statistics. Data sets are downloadable into stasticial software whereas statistics portals simply provide relevant statistics. For more serious empirical research, data sets that are downloadable and allow users to manipulate and tabulate data are generally what is required. Data sets generally must be downloaded into spreadsheet (like Excel) or statistical software (like SPSS and Stata). This section of the guide provides links to data sets and links to statistics available on the web.

General Sources of Statistical Information

General Sources for Statistical Information
Social Science Research


Judicial and Court Statistics


State Court Information:

For specific statistical resources for a particular state, please consult Georgetown Law Library's state research guide for that particular state.


Government Held Statistics and Demographic Data:


Elections/Public Opinion Data:


Government Enforcement/Regulatory Data:
Foreign and International Statistics
Health Statisitcs and Demographics


Education Statistics


Crime Statistics