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Statistics and Empirical Legal Studies Research Guide

This guide features all three iterations of Empirical Legal Studies: form, process, and function, and highlights statistical resources and websites.


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Data Sets & Statistics

Empirical Legal Studies uses data sets and statistics. Data sets are the raw information from which statistics are created. Data sets can be imported into statistical software for analysis, which is the interpretation and summarization of data into statistics. This section of the guide provides links to sources of both data sets and statistics.

Sources of Data Sets and Statistics

Research Data Archives

The dissemination of data sets created academic research allows replication and verification of research results, thus promoting research integrity and accuracy. Dissemination of data also permits novel reuse by other researchers, which increases research cost-effectiveness. Below are links to a few research data repositories. Fuller lists of data repositories are provided by the Open Access Directory at Simmons University and by the Registry of Research Data Repositories (


Courts and the Judiciary:




Elections and Public Opinion:


Government Enforcement, Regulation, and Spending:
Foreign and International Data and Statistics:
Health and Well-being




Crime and Criminal Justice