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Social Enterprise and Nonprofit Law Clinic Research Guide

This research guide is designed to serve as a starting point for staff members of the Social Enterprise & Nonprofit Law Clinic. It includes information about researching transactional resources, SEC filings, and nonprofits tax resources.

Nonprofits Law & Nonprofits Taxation Resources


Bloomberg BNA Tax Management Portfolios

Tax Management Portfolios provide detailed and thorough analysis of complex tax issues and includes working papers of sample language and applicable forms and bibliographies to additional resources. Some relevant portfolios in the Estates, Gifts, and Trusts portfolios include:

  • 450: Tax-Exempt Organizations: Organizational Requirements
  • 451: Tax-Exempt Organizations: Operational Requirements
  • 452: Tax-Exempt Organizations: Operational Requirements
  • 462: Unrelated Business Income Tax
  • 478: Joint Ventures Involving Tax-Exempt Organizations
  • 488: Fiduciary Duties of Nonprofit Directors and Officers

The Tax Management Portfolios are available in print (KF6297 .B952), on Bloomberg Law (under Practice Centers -> Tax -> BNA Portfolios & Analysis), and on the Bloomberg BNA Library.

Specialized Tax Databases

IRS Publications, Guides, and Forms

The Internal Revenue Service provides many useful resources for nonprofits on their website: