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Problem Solving Justice incorporates therapeutic jurisprudence and considers alternatives outside of the traditional court setting to resolve disputes. This guide provides resources for the research of such structures as drug courts and mental health cour

D.C. Regulations

  • District of Columbia Municipal Regulations (DCMR)
    • Print: KFD1235 1981 .A23 (1981-2004)
    • DCMR Online (official)
      Searchable by Rule Number, Agency, Chapter Number, and full text
      Note: The official, online version was recently revised and contains the most accurate, official, up-to-date information. Other versions of D.C. municipal regulations may contain errors.
    • Code of D.C. Municipal Regulations (Weil's Code) (commercial version, updated monthly, with an index)
  • District of Columbia Register (DCR) KFD1235 .A25 (1954 - )
    • Use the D.C. Register to update the information in the DCMR. The D.C. Register contains "List of Sections Amended of D.C. Municipal Regulations" in the first issue of each month. If the List of Sections Amended is not published for the month, check the Final Rulemaking section of the Table of Contents of each weekly edition of the DCR published since the last update of the DCMR.
    • D.C. Register Online (official)
      • DC Regulations (October 2009 - )
        Searchable by Rule Number, Notice ID, Agency or Council, and full text; contains Word documents of individual sections
    • HeinOnline (1954 - )