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Problem Solving Justice incorporates therapeutic jurisprudence and considers alternatives outside of the traditional court setting to resolve disputes. This guide provides resources for the research of such structures as drug courts and mental health cour

Background Information


  • Drug and Veterans' Treatment Courts: Seeking Cost Effective Solutions for Protecting Public Safety and Reducing Recividism, S. Hrg. 112-179 (2012) KF26 .J837733 2011a 

  • Drug Court: Constructing the Moral Identity of Drug Offenders, by Mitchell Makinem and Paul Higgins (2008) KF3890 .M33 

  • Good Courts: The Case for Problem Solving Justice, by Greg Berman and John Feinblatt (2005) KF9223 .B47 

  • Judging Addicts: Drug Courts and Coercion in the Justice System, by Rebecca Tiger (2013) KF3890 .T54 

  • Judging in a Therapeutic Key: Therapeutic Jurisprudence and the Courts, by David Wexler (2003) KF380 .J835 

  • Rehabilitating Lawyers: Principles of Therapeutic Jurisprudence for Criminal Law Practice, by David Wexler (2008) KF299.C7 R44 2008

  • A Restorative Justice Reader, by Gerry Johnstone (2013) K970 .R494 

  • Therapeutic Justice and Addicted Parents: A Family Treatment Court Evaluation, by Heidee McMillin (2012) KF505.5 .M36

Many additional books can be located by searching Gulliver by subject, using subjects such as:

Drug Courts - - United States
Domestic Relations Courts -- United States
Neighborhood Justice Centers - - United States
Problem Solving - - United States
Restorative Justice
Therapeutic Justice - - United States


LexisAdvance and WestlawNext's law journal repositories are the most popular places to search for relevant journal articles. Searching these full-text databases is not necessarily the most efficient way of researching. Using Articles for Legal and Non-Legal Research explains the differences between searching indexes and full-text databases.

Some of the law journal indexes it features include:

  • Legal Periodicals and Books
    Citations to articles from over 700 legal publications, plus monographs published in 1993 or later. Many articles on Problem Solving Justice are under the subject: Courts of Special Jurisdiction, Drug Courts, Mental Health Courts & Therapeutic Jurisprudence.

  • LegalTrac 
    Cumulative indexing of approximately 800 legal publications. Also includes law related articles from more than 1,000 additional business and general interest periodicals. Many of the articles on Problem Solving Justice are under the subject: Therapeutic Jurisprudence, Drug Courts & Mental Health Courts.

  • Hein Online
    500 law journals and reviews in pdf format beginning with the inception date of each publication. Most recent issues may not be available.

  • SSRN
    This scholarly repository includes articles awaiting publication, as well as published articles, so is a great place to look for the most recent coverage on problem solving courts and therapeutic justice. One prolific author in the field of therapeutic justice is David Wexler. His articles are available here.

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