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Pandemic Flu - Public Health Research Guide

This guide focuses on the law related to efforts in preventing, detecting and containing human influenza on the international, regional and national level.

Emergency Preparedness & Response Plans

Federal and state statutes give appropriate agencies and officials the legal authority to carry out their responsibilities in an emergency situation The following are emergency preparedness and response plans devised by health agencies of international/regional organizations and U.S. Federal and state governments. These plans provide the blueprints for preparing for and responding to a pandemic outbreak.

International / Regional Organizations

  • WHO Global Influenza Preparedness Plan: The Role of WHO and Recommendations for National Measures Before and During Pandemics (WHO /CDS/CSR/GIP/2005.5) (WHO Department of Communicable Disease Surveillance and Response, Global Influenza Programme)
    The WHO global influenza preparedness plan has been prepared by staff from the WHO Secretariat after a 3-day consultation meeting in December 2004 in Geneva attended by representatives from national influenza centers from around the word. The plan was prepared to assist WHO Member States and those responsible for public health, medical and emergency preparedness to respond to threats and occurrences of pandemic influenza. It recommends actions for national authorities, and outlines measures to be taken by WHO during each phase of a pandemic. There are six WHO influenza pandemic phases (see page 11 of the report): Phase 0 (inter-pandemic phase) to Phase 5 (confirmation that the pandemic has ended).

  • Global Strategy for the Progressive Control of Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza (Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO, Rome), World Organization for Animal Health (OIE, Paris) in Collaboration with World Health Organization (WHO, Geneva) May 2005)
    A draft master coordination plan with a global vision defining the road map and time frames for the short, medium and long term priority activities, produced in response to the recommendation made during the 2nd FAO/OIE Regional Meeting on Avian Influenza Control in Asia (23-25 February, 2005) held in Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam. The strategy paper will be consolidated and complemented by more detailed country specific avian influenza control plans prepared for several countries in Southeast Asia.