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Looseleaf Services, Using

Quick guide to the what, why and how of looseleaf services.

How are looseleafs organized?

Looseleaf services may be organized in one of two ways: interfiled or newsletter-style.

An interfiled looseleaf service is especially helpful because it brings together in one place current information on a particular topic. In an interfiled service, individual pages in the binder can be removed and replaced, so changes in the law can be incorporated into the text in a sort of "cut and paste" fashion. This eliminates the need to consult a pocket part or supplement. Interfiled looseleafs are indexed thoroughly to make it easy for the user to find current information on his or her topic quickly. Most looseleafs published by Commerce Clearing House (CCH) are interfiled looseleaf services. These are now part of the CCH Intelliconnect database.

newsletter-style looseleaf is issued as one or more topical newsletters each week or month. These newsletters are often circulated to interested attorneys in the firm or other organizations to help them keep abreast of new developments. Library staff then file the newsletters in a binder for reference. Usually, there will be a cumulative index to the series of newsletters.

The advantage of this type of looseleaf service is that the most recent developments are summarized in each issue of the newsletter, which may be conveniently browsed by the attorney on a regular basis. Most services published by the Bureau of National Affairs (BNA) are newsletter-style. These can be found online here.