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International Trade Law Research Guide

This guide features resources on international trade law.

Subscription Databases for International Trade Research

The Georgetown Law Library provides access to multiple trade-oriented subscription databases, two of which focus primarily on analyzing and interpreting WTO dispute settlement case law.  The others are more news-oriented, monitoring recent developments in trade law and policy.  In addition, the library subscribes to several databases that feature public policy research and country-specific analysis on a wide variety of subjects, including international trade.

WTO Dispute Settlement Case Law

  • TradeLawGuide
    Use the Subject Navigator to search or browse for WTO Panel and Appellate Body reports by topic.  Use the Article Citator to determine how WTO tribunals have interpreted particular provisions of WTO agreements.  Use the Jurisprudence Navigator to determine whether a prior Panel or Appellate Body decision has been cited by tribunals in subsequent cases.  To access video tutorials that will show you how to use these powerful tools, click on the Learning Centre link at the top of the homepage.
    Provides detailed summaries of WTO Panel and Appellate Body Reports along with commentary.  Each summary provides a synopsis of the panel's or Appellate Body's legal findings and conclusions, a timeline, references to other reports and materials, and expert analysis on many of the key issues in the report. It is also possible to access to the full texts of panel and appellate reports.

Trade-Related News and Current Awareness

  • China Trade Extra
    Brings you latest news on U.S.-China trade relations, China's participation in the World Trade Organization, and its role in the development of international trade law.  This is a sister publication of World Trade Online's Inside U.S. Trade weekly newsletter.  (See the entry for World Trade Online below.)
  • International Trade Daily (BloombergBNA)
    Daily electronic newsletter monitors regulatory, legislative, and judicial developments involving trade law and policy in the U.S. and around the world.  Use the menus on the left to browse by topic or search by keyword.  Create a user profile to customize topics and set up email alerts.  Coverage from July, 1998, onward.
  • International Trade Reporter (BloombergBNA)
    The electronic version of this weekly newsletter provides current information on laws, regulations, cases, and policy developments affecting U.S. trade, international business, and major U.S. trading partners.  Also available in print KF6656.5 .I58.
  • WTO Reporter (Bloomberg/BNA)
    Provides daily updates on the latest developments concerning the World Trade Organization.  Browse by topic or by reported case.  Or search by keyword.  Create a user profile to customize topics and set up email alerts.  Coverage is from March, 2000, to the present.
  • World Trade Online
    This electronic news service includes all content published in the weekly Inside U.S. Trade newsletter from 1993-present, plus trade-related news from around the world, and special reports.  Use the buttons on the red menu bar at the top to browse by topic.  Or search by keyword.  Inside U.S. Trade is also available in print.

Public Policy and Country-Specific Data & Analysis

  • Business Monitor International (BMI) Research
    BMI analyzes the political, economic, and business climates in jurisdictions throughout the world to help its clients assess risk and anticipate trends.  BMI issues both country-specific reports and industry-specific reports covering more than 25 major industries.  It also issues thematic "special reports" and provides timely, up-to-date coverage of "hot topics."
  • Columbia International Affairs Online (CIAO)
    This database serves as a gateway for working papers and scholarly articles published by university research institutes, think tanks, and NGOs, as well as conference proceedings. It also provides access to select journal articles and book excerpts. Coverage: 1991-present.
  • Policy File Index: Public Policy Research and Analysis
    This ProQuest database includes abstracts of foreign and domestic policy papers published by U.S. think tanks and university research centers.  In most cases, links are provided to the full-text documents.  Coverage is from 1990-present.  For optimal searching, use the Advanced Search template (link above the basic search box).