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Insurance Law Research Guide

This guide provides a starting point for research in insurance law in the United States.


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Treatises and In-Depth Resources

Appleman on Insurance
Available on Lexis
This is a comprehensive and up-to-date treatise in the field of insurance law. It covers all aspects of insurance law, including personal insurance, casualty insurance, state funds, no fault insurance, commercial insurance bonds and liquidation. Leading cases from all jurisdictions are included. It analyzes each of the principal groupings of insurance contracts: personal, property, casualty, and commercial bonds, including matters common to all policies and it discusses many new types of insurance, such as franchise, credit life and disability, uninsured motorist and no-fault. It is updated annually.

Business Insurance Law and Practice Guide (available on Lexis)
This is a guide for insurance companies and attorneys who advise businesses. The guide covers many types of insurance, including directors' and officers' liability, property, fidelity bonds, title, employee benefits, business interruption, aviation, and reinsurance. Includes appendices of relevant statutes. Updated in 2010 to include recent federal and state court decisions.

Lee R. Russ, Thomas F. Segalla & Steven Plitt, Couch on Insurance 3rdKF1159.5 .C62
Available on Westlaw
This is the definitive multi-volume looseleaf treatise on insurance with forms, analysis and case law. Some of the major parts analyze the insurance contract, premiums, dividends and loans, risks and activities covered by an insurance policy and adjustment of disputed claims. It is continually updated with new looseleaf pages.

Bradley W. Matthiesen, Gary L. Wickert, and Douglas W. Lehrer, Fundamentals of Insurance Coverage in All 50 States (2d ed. 2008) KF1164.M383
Provides an overview of statutory and case law in all 50 states and the District of Columbia, with a special focus on environmental issues as they relate to insurance coverage.

Insurance Defense Form Finder (available through Westlaw):
This database contains forms from various federal and state form sets relating to insurance defense. States covered include, but are not limited to: Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Texas, and Wisconsin.

John F. Dobbyn, Insurance Law in a Nutshell (4th ed. 2003)
KF1164.3 D6
This study aid is an introduction to the fundamentals of insurance law. It covers topics such as insurable interest, risk, insurer defenses, waiver and estoppel, recovery, subrogation, reinsurance, and bonds.

Miller's Standard Insurance Policies Annotated
Available on Westlaw
The annotations in this database are a good source of case law that interprets specific provisions of insurance policies. Coverage includes all state and federal jurisdictions in the United States.

Hertram Harnett & Irving I. Lesnick, The Law of Life and Health Insurance.
Avialable on Lexis
This online treatise covers all aspects of the structure and regulation of the life and health insurance industry, including detailed analysis of insurable interests and the application and underwriting process. It includes extensive case citations, organized by fact pattern and state, and state-by-state surveys of prevailing law. It is updated regularly online.

Alan I. Widiss and Jeffrey E. Thomas, Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Insurance
Available on Lexis
An overview of state statutes and case law regarding uninsured and underinsured motorists. Includes background information on the historical development of laws regarding uninsured motorists. Other topics covered include: mandatory coverage requirements in each state, the claims process, arbitration, coverage of hit and run claims, limitation of liability provisions, and litigation of insurance claims.

Westlaw Insurance Specialist: This database contains multiple treatises and law journals, including Couch on Insurance 3d, Connecticut Insurance Law Journal, Insurance Litigation Reporter, Law of Reinsurance, and Westlaw Journal Insurance Coverage.