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GULLiver, Guide to Using

This guide features search tips for the library's online catalog, Gulliver.


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Catalog Searching

Identifying and Locating Your Book or Journal

To find information about a book or journal, and to find whether an item is available, try these options:

  • Author or Title Searches. Finding a book when you have the full name of the author or title is easy - just click on the appropriate link ("Author" or "Title"), type in the author or title, and press enter. If you know some of the author's name or some of the words in the title, try a keyword search, and type the words you know into the search boxes.
  • Keyword Searches. To locate books on a particular subject, use the keyword searching feature. Keyword searching will search all words that are part of the title, author, corporate author, subject, or table of contents (when available). The keyword search feature allows terms and connectors searching using the following operators:
    • and
    • or
    • and not
    • near
    • w/# (# specifies the number of words that can come between your search terms)
    • * to truncate from 1 to 5 letters; ** for unlimited truncation
    • Tables of contents are available for many of the books in the catalog. The tables of contents are included in keyword searching
  • Subject Searches. Once you have found a book on point using a keyword search, you can locate additional materials on the same subject by clicking the item's "Find Similar Items" tab and then clicking on the most relevant subject headings.

Displaying Information About Your Book or Journal

  • Location. Once you have found the titles you are interested in, you will need to note the location (e.g., 4th Floor, Reading Room Reserve) and call number to find the book. This information appears to the left of the item's call number.
  • Status. If a date appears in the "Status" column, then the item is checked out.All items checked out are subject to recall by Georgetown University Law Center students, faculty, and staff. If "Available" appears in this column, then the item should be on the shelves and available for check out. "Lib Use Only" indicates the material is on the shelves but may not be checked out.
  • Finding a Specific Volume. If you are searching for a journal and want to see a list of all the volumes we hold, click on the gray bar labeled "View additional copies or search for a specific volume/copy." To locate a particular volume, type the volume number in the box, then click on the gray bar.
  • Pocket Parts and Supplements. Many legal publications contain pocket parts or other types of supplementation. If there are updates for a particular title, that information will appear on the screen before the "Latest Received" link. If you click on th link, you will see a series of boxes showing when previous supplements were received.

Limiting Searches

If your title or author search retrieved too many items to browse, and you would like to limit your results, click on the "Limit/Sort" button located at both the top and bottom of the results screen.A new screen will appear where you can choose to limit by year, author, title, subject, or publisher. You can also choose to sort your results by date. Note: limiting keyword searches must be done on the initial keyword search screen.To revise a keyword search after you have your results, click on the "modify search" button.