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Employee Benefits Research Guide

This guide is a starting point for research in the law of employee benefits, including welfare benefits, health insurance and health savings accounts, cafeteria plans, retirement benefits, and pensions. It includes both primary and secondary materials.

Secondary Sources

Academic Journals

  • Benefits Law Journal: Print, K2 . E6 (1988 - ); Electronic (coverage varies by source)
  • Journal of Pension BenefitsElectronic (coverage varies by source)
  • Journal of Pension Economics and FinanceElectronic (coverage varies by source)
  • Journal of Pension Planning and Compliance: Print, K10 .O61 (1978 - 2009); Electronic (coverage varies by source)

Loose-leafs & Current Awareness Sources

  • Benefits eLibrary (CCH)
    Access to news, primary benefits materials, and treatises.
  • Benefits Practice Resource Center (Bloomberg BNA)
    This service organizes BNA's collection of pension and benefits information into 3 main reference libraries: the Employee Benefits Library, the ERISA Compliance & Enforcement Library, and the Executive Compensation Library
  • Checkpoint (Thomson Reuters)
    Tax and accounting research tool that provides comprehensive and full-text coverage of federal, state and some international tax materials, including those related to employee benefits. Provides access to RIA tax publications, including the RIA Citator 2d, Federal Tax Coordinator 2d, U.S. Tax Reporter, RIA Tax Alerts, all 50 state and local tax reporters, and 3 WGL journals
  • COBRA Guide: Group Health Plan Continuation Coverage, in One VolumeKF3605 .A6 C62
  • EBRI Issue Brief , available online (coverage varies by database)
  • ERISA Litigation Reporter: available on Westlaw
  • Employee Benefits Compliance Coordinator (RIA) (cancelled in 2008), KF3509 .A6 E43