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Animal Law Research Guide

This guide will assist in researching issues in Animal Law, Animal Rights and Animal Welfare.


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Background Information

1. Books.

  • Animals and the Law: A Sourcebook (2001), KF390.5.A5 C87 2001 This book is a survey of the most pertinent federal and state laws, regulations and court cases concerning animals. Chapters focus on companion animals, animal agriculture, animal entertainment, wild animals and laboratory animals.
  • Animal Law: Cases and Materials (2006), KF390.5.A5 W35 This academic casebook has chapters on property law, contract law, tort law, constitutional law and other legal topics as they relate to the law of animals.
  • Animal Law: Welfare, Interests and Rights (2008) KF390.A5 F382 Written primarily as a textbook, this publication focuses on the issues surrounding animal law such as ownership, sales, divorce, recovery of damges for harm to animals and providing for animals in wills. Contains historical legislation anc case law in the area of animal welfare.
  • Animals, Property, and The Law (1995), KF3841 .F73 This treatise consists of three main sections focusing on the status of animals as property. the anticruelty statutes and the regulation of animal experimentation.
  • Encyclopedia of Animal Rights and Animal Welfare (1998), HV4708 .E53 Brief articles on over 125 issues relating to the topic of animal rights and welfare. Almost all academic disciplines are represented from law to sociology to ethnology to veterinary medicine.
  • Rattling the Cage: Toward Legal Rights for Animals (2000), HV4708 .W57 By emphasizing the basic legal rights of chimpanzees and bonobos. this book argues that these animals are entitled to freedom from imprisonment and abuse.

2. Journals

  • Journal of Animal Law & Ethics, New journal from the University of Pennsylvania Law School. Available in print (v.1 - v. 3) and online.
  • Journal of International Wildlife Law & Policy. Available in print and online. [Browse the tables of contents.]

3. Encyclopedias

  • Animals, in American Jurisprudence 2d, available in printLexis and Westlaw.
  • Animals, in Corpus Juris Secundum, available in print and Westlaw.

4. Web Sites

  • Animal Legal & Historical Web Center, Michigan State University College of Law. Comprehensive information on animal law, including full text cases and case summaries, statutes and commentary. Foreign and international materials are included. Excellent navigation by jurisdiction, topic, subject and species.
  • Natural Agricultural Law Center, University of Arkansas School of Law. Comprehensive information on animal law and other agricultural topics, including cases, articles, CRS reports, legislative information, and topical "reading rooms" that compile sources for different subjects.